Your game is a bad joke

Please refund me the 9.00 for your game. You will never get it finished, and you never update it.
Please return my measly 9.00 so I can go to steam and buy a real survival game.

Since I write reviews for gaming magazines I guess its time I write one about this game...
Delete this message from your forum and I will go full out on the article.


  • AdamAdam Administrator
    edited February 2018
    Hey Dometheus,

    • The game is distributed for free with support options, one of them costing $9.
    • You bought the support version in October 2017.
    • In the same month, you sent an email asking what was going on, and I explained in very detail what was the current status and challenges the game was facing. I offered a refund in the spot, and you declined.
    • PayPal only offers refunds after 60 days, meaning that offering you a refund is imposible for me anymore, I'm sorry.
    • As long as you obey by the ToS (No violence threatening, no spam) no one will delete anything. Freedom of speech is still a thing.
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