12 Months Later......

MeowstersMeowsters Backer
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So its been 12 months since I played the game is there anything new? the downloads are still from 12/28/2015 on the humble site, some game update would be much appreciated, I know you post on twitter but a screen shot back in august of the new layout isnt really a game update.

I would really like to play this again as I am getting a little tired of space survival games.


  • AdamAdam Administrator
    Hey Meowsters,
    I wasn't able to do almost anything in the past months. Life gets in the way sometimes!

    I really want to keep working on Islanded, but my time doesn't agree, for now. I really hope to start working again in a month and then keep working at full time a little later.
  • Yup life gets in the way alot I know, keep goin least I know your still out there, thnx for lettin us know ^^
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