New Forum! Read this!

AdamAdam Administrator
The merge has been almost automatic, and I don't know if all the accounts work correctly (The database doesn't store passwords). If you have any issue with your password, reset it using the "Forgot?" link under the password filed, on the Sign In dialogue.

Welcome to the new forum! All your accounts, discussions and forum badges are now merged into this forum.
The avatars couldn't be saved, you will need to upload them again. (Sorry)

This new forum software should run faster and be more secure than the last one.
Instead of being a normal forum, now all conversations are stored by categories, and all posts are merged together, to use all the space possible in a productive way, instead of how the old version worked.

Everything works exactly the same, for example, to create a new post / thread, just press "New Discussion", and post away!

The forum still in late Beta, you could encounter bugs, bad grammar, or something similar. Don't hesitate of sending a bug report directly on the forum!

In-game Bug Reports will be automatically posted in the corresponding category in the future.
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