Can't tab out of the game [GNU/Linux]

It's not possible for me to tab out of the game. I'm using Debian 8(amd64) with Xfce 4.10.


  • AdamAdam Administrator
    I just reproduced the bug on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and seems that the Unity desktop environment Alt- tab interface gets overlapped by the game, but im still able to change windows. In GNOME it just refuses to work. I try Islanded in different computers with different Ubuntu versions and in some work perfectly, in others gets blacked out, or has missing textures, etc.
    Sadly is a Unity3D problem. There are reports on Unity3D bug report that say something about frozen games and window issues. I tried other Unity games and they have the same issues in some Ubuntu versions.

    I will try to find a way to workaround this issue, but it's not a problem I can look out, as it's a Unity3D issue.
  • Ok as I have recognized it has something to do with xfce while im I have a game in fullscreen opened. If I find anything to "fix" this I will post it here
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