Heyas Everyone

Ty to Adam for splitting up this part so we can just chat about stuff :D anyways....

Heyas I'm Meowsters like you didn't guess already, totally loving Islanded and looking forward to the next phases of development and especially multi-player hoping to meet some new friends in this game would be fun ;), I love playing all sorts of games but cant really get the hang of shooting stuff how anyone knows where ppl are shooting them from is a mystery to me glad there isn't shotting in this game (yet) :confused: heheheh, well just wanted to say hi to everyone so HI HI :p.


  • Your poor message has been sitting here all alone for a while now. I couldn't bear to see it by itself any longer. I don't like shooting games really. Killing animals for food like this game will be is ok but going around shooting people/zombies/aliens is something I don't like. I would like to play MP with you.
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